Nudity! "The Natural State of Man"

This blog is definitely meant to be read by men and only men. I am not exactly sure where to start, but I always knew I had the "urge" to be with men, as early as five or six, when two boys on neighboring farms would take me to this isolated swimming hole and wanted to jack off. So these older boys were 11 and 12 and already had pubes and could cum. They taught me the pleasures of jacking off so they could do it too when we all went swimming after working on the farm.

I know I looked up to these older friends. They weren't perverted, they were just horny. As they grew into men they were both very handsome, heterosexual and successful. They both married and raised family and I assume lived relative happy lives and are still married to the same women to this day. Do they still "bone up" around other naked men, I am not sure, but I know I do. For me, in every close friendship in my life their was a sexual component.

I played sports in high school and I know I loved my best friend Steve, who was the school sports star. He use to sleep over at night in a double bed on my family farm with me...I know now that I loved him. However, I never acted on the sexual urges that I had for him, though.

When I got to college my college roommate had been All State in basketball in high school and was the captain of the college basketball team our senior year. He initiated sex with me, when we first started living together in our sophomore year and we ended up having anal intercourse . I use to fuck him. (Just to be clear about what was happening) He was dating his high school sweetheart and as I was mine. I loved him so, he was my best man and I his. We both married within the year following graduation. That was during those times when the word queer was thrown around, we didn't even know any other meaning the word gay then.

My sexual philosophy!

I have been divorced now for twelve years this month. I have developed very strong views of how gay sexual and love relationships work in those nine years living as a gay man. A lot of men, who have been out and in the gay world a long time, take issue with my philosophy. I feel strongly that heterosexual and gay relationships develop very differently and much like this:

A Heterosexual relationship: friendship, dating, love, then sex usually after some commitment to the relationship.

A Gay relationship: Sex hookup (If hot sex), a friendship, love, then dating leading to a committed relationship.

**** The golden rule that all gay men should understand and expect to find happiness is that "no gay relationship is monogamous". If both partners say they are monogamous, at least one is lying. There is a difference between having M4M sex and cheating. Cheating for a gay man is only when there becomes an emotional attachment or love with the other man.

This led me to spend these last four years trying to put together a group of men that felt making close friendships was as or more important than meeting for anonymous group sex and orgy sex. A group for men to come together and bond. A closeness of men being together to bond with each other in a truly close relationship. I felt that when we are bonded together we become stronger in our manhood, and masculinity. that when men are nude with each other it brings a closer unity of the spirit. When men eat, sleep, travel, exercise, and socialize together they would create a stronger bond.

The group was for men over 18, who were naturists, or who were interested in nudism. I though it would be nice to meet in each others homes for 'au natural' gatherings. Also the men could meet with fellow members for coffee or a brew when a member does not want to be alone. Sometimes just meeting during the day as a way to get away from your home and go to another's for a naked visit. Single men (or men in open-relationships) gay, bi, or straight men were encouraged to join.

I had some very specific suggestions for the group "meetups." I really wanted the emphasis to be on making friends! So each member would be expected to greet all other members upon arrival and attempt to make some conversation with each member. Also, upon arrival each man was to strip naked because nudity at indoor sessions was not to be optional. All healthy men, gay or straight, were expected to have erections and they could feel free to masturbation at anytime when we were together as a group.

One of the problems for me in group sex or orgy sex is the often unwanted touching of some men by others in the group. So the touching of another guy was to be done only after an understood invitation and never based on an assumption. What I wanted most for the group's members was to eventually find some friends to spend time with outside of the group sessions. The goal was to find close and trusted friends, and to develop friendships that went beyond the casual " Fuck Buddy" relationship.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bryan Hawn

Bryan Hawn is an independent recording artist who has been releasing inspirational music over the past decade under his own label B. Hawn Publishing. In 2008, Bryan Hawn's music video "More Than Enough" hit #1 on MTV Logo and was named the #2 video of the year on the voters Click List Countdown. The song was licensed by Powerhouse DJ Manny Lehman for a compilation album featured along with the Pussy Cat Dolls, One Republic, and Enrique Eglesias.

His most recent album "A Decade of Music" is a beautiful portrait of how Bryan's artistry has evolved and matured, featuring recordings from age 15 till present day time.

If you haven't heard his music, you probably have seen his face. Bryan Hawn is an international fitness icon featured on Billboards in Los Angeles, Phone Kiosks in Time Square, including department stores, Macy's, Dilliards, and JC Penny. Bryan was the original Iboxer model for Play Underwear. Winning Best Swimwear Model in the USA World Showcase in Las Vegas, and Runner up for Best Male Model in the National Talent Search "Best New Talent", he has been signed with several agencies, including, Click, Benz Models, and Wilhelmina. Bryan has released a fitness book titled, "The List" (What the Top Fitness Models Don't Want You to Know), exposing the secrets of the industries top physiques.

Bryan Hawn is also a world renowned Animal Behaviorist shocking the world with his incredibly close bond with African Spotted Hyena "Jake". For years, the spotted hyena has been thought to be untameable and has been given the title for the strongest jaws in the Animal Kingdom. "Jake" has made quite a name for himself landing the Cover Story for the Miami New Times, and filming National Geographic Wild which will be airing in January of 2012.

Jake's most recent work was filming for Animal Planet's "Fatal Attraction". The Documentary will air December of 2011, and is a potential Emmy Nominee for Best Documentary. Bryan has also written an autobiography on his journey raising Jake titled, "How the Heck Did You End Up with a Hyena?" It is a true story about a hyena that inspired a dream and changed a life, an inspirational adventure filled with obstacles, humor, and love.

Jake has become the first celebrity hyena in the world. After his worldwide appearance on the Discovery Channel, he became the inspiration behind a new alcoholic shot and mixed drink called the "Spotted Hyena" 

Shot glass instructions: (1 oz Everclear, 1 oz Butterscotch Schnapps, topped with 3 drops of Godiva Liqueur)