Nudity! "The Natural State of Man"

This blog is definitely meant to be read by men and only men. It is an to attempt bring men together and bond while naked. To establish a closeness of men being together to bond with each other in a truly close relationship. When we are bonded together we become stronger in our manhood, and masculinity. For men to be nude with each other brings a closer unity of the spirit. When men eat, sleep, travel, exercise, and socialize together they can create a stronger bond. The blog is for men over 18, who are naturists, or who enjoy nudism.

My sexual philosophy!

I have been divorced now for twelve years this month. I have developed very strong views of how gay sexual and love relationships work in those nine years living as a gay man. A lot of men, who have been out and in the gay world a long time, take issue with my philosophy. I feel strongly that heterosexual and gay relationships develop very differently and much like this:

A Heterosexual relationship: friendship, dating, love, then sex usually after some commitment to the relationship.

A Gay relationship: Sex hookup (If hot sex), a friendship, love, then dating leading to a committed relationship.

**** The golden rule that all gay men should understand and expect to find happiness is that "no gay relationship is monogamous". If both partners say they are monogamous, at least one is lying. There is a difference between having M4M sex and cheating. Cheating for a gay man is only when there becomes an emotional attachment or love with the other man.

The Scoreboard Clock Turned Red!

I hope for

another sun,

another gym,

another world,

another chance to live.

I am old now

the gym scoreboard clock,

has wound down from eight minutes,

to the very last minute,

it has already turned red.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016