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Officialy, Dima Bilan is not gay, Dima Bilan is bisexual!

Dima Bilan - Believing - Eurovision 2008 Winner

Dima Bilan (Russian: Дима Билан; born Viktor Belan, Виктор Белан, 24 December 1981 in Karachay-Cherkessia) is a Russian pop artist of Karachay descent. Dima represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 with Never Let You Go, finishing second. He was crowned the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade, two years later, with the song Believe. He has several Russian #1 hits and is currently pursuing an international career.

Truth revealed: Dima Bilan is bisexual!
The truth is final revealed: Dima Bilan on Press Conference in Belgrade after the Eurosong Contest admited he's not a homosexual, but a bisexual! On question asked by Serbian journalist what does he want, a man or women, he replied: "Both at the same time!"
Dima Bilan - Biography
When he was only one year old, his family moved to his grandmother's place in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny in Tatarstan. When he was six years old, his family moved to Kabardino-Balkaria where he went to school with his sister. He took part in morning performances, recited poems and sang songs.

He graduated from Gnesins Musical College as a classical vocal performer. Dima made his debut when he reached fourth place at the Russian/Latvian festival "New Wave" in 2002. In 2003, Dima Bilan released his debut album titled Nochnoy Huligan (Night Hooligan), which included covers of "Caruso" by Lucio Dalla and "Fever" by Elvis. In 2004, he released his successful single "Na beregu neba" ("At The Sky's Shore") which was also the title of his second album.

 Produced by the late Yury Aizenshpis, a Russian music mogul famous for his work with Viktor Tsoi in the Soviet Union, Dima Bilan attempted to reach Eurovision previously with the song "Not That Simple" in 2005, finishing in second place at the Russian national selection. The video for the Russian version of the song was reputably the most expensive in the history of Russia's music industry. In December 2005, Dima received two golden gramophones for the song "Ty dolzjna ryadom byt'" (The Russian name for "Not That Simple", actually meaning "You should be beside me") in Saint Petersburg and Almaty. During shootings of "Noviye pyesny o glavnom" ("New songs about the main things") he received the grand prize of the First channel from the professional jury. Dima became Showbusiness Man of the Year because the most voters gave their voices for him according to the version of Rambler. At the end of a year he accepted an invitation from an American agency to record tracks for the musical Peter Pan. On 14 March 2006, Dima Bilan took part in "Zolotaya sharmanka" ("Golden street organ") of "International Music Awards" in Kiev where he was honored as "Singer of the Year".


Dima Bilan has recently hired t.A.T.u.'s former PR manager, Sasha Tityanko, to help him break out in the western market.

Celebrity Penis!

Jeff Gordon And Stephen Rhodes Confirm Homosexual Relationship; NASCAR Fans Outraged

Posted by Robert Winland On March 24, 2014 25
As if the sports world didn’t have enough people coming out of the closet. A highly respected member of the NASCAR community has come out and admitted he is in a relationship with a fellow openly gay NASCAR member. Jeff Gordon who is going through a divorce said that he is now dating openly gay driver Stephen Rhodes. Gordon joins a list of male athletes who are new to the openly gay sports world.
We are unable to get a comment from Gordon or Rhodes on this news of their relationship but it is 100% confirmed by them both. Both men have been seen around together since they came out just recently. The couple has been seen hand in hand but not much else in the public eye.  This new couple has sparked a fire storm in the southern states where the rednecks tend to live.
We managed to get a response by a now former Jeff Gordon fan by the name of Billy-Bob Benson he said the following: “There ain’t no room for that queer crap in NASCAR. This is a man sport that only straight men should be doing. These queers need to go back and pray that god forgives them for the choice they made. If they wanna be gay go be a fashion designer and not ruin the greatest sport in the world!”
Not sure if I should feel bad for Billy-Bob due to his parents are most likely related or if he is just that stupid but NASCAR isn’t the greatest sport in the world. Not even close. Driving left isn’t a real sport in my opinion. If a man wants to be gay let him. People should stop making a big deal out of it. I myself am a Jeff Gordon fan if whatever he enjoys is up to him. As long as he wins races he can do anything he wants. Its his life to live not any of ours. I wish Jeff and Stephen the best in their relationship

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Scottish independence referendum, September 18, 2014

A referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country will take place on Thursday 18 September 2014. Following an agreement between the Scottish Government and the United Kingdom Government, the Scottish Independence Referendum Bill, setting out the arrangements for this referendum, was put forward on 21 March 2013, passed by the Scottish Parliament on 14 November 2013 and received Royal Assent on 17 December 2013 The referendum question, as recommended by the Electoral Commission, will be "Should Scotland be an independent country?"


ESPN Apologizes For That Unnecessary, Awkward Report On Michael Sam's Showering Routine

The Huffington Post  | By Chris Greenberg

Michael Sam #96 of the St. Louis Rams leaves the field following a preseason NFL game against the New Orleans Saints at Edward Jones Dome on August 8, 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) | Joe Robbins via Getty Images

ESPN proudly bills itself as "The Worldwide Leader In Sports." But it regrets briefly becoming the worldwide leader in unnecessary, awkward reports on the showering habits of Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted into the NFL.

Reporting from the St. Louis Rams' training camp on Tuesday, ESPN reporter Josina Anderson discussed Sam's showering habits when asked how he was fitting in with teammates during an episode of "SportsCenter." In a brief statement issued by ESPN PR staffers on Wednesday, the sports media giant expressed regret for the segment.
"ESPN regrets the manner in which we presented our report. Clearly yesterday we collectively failed to meet the standards we have set in reporting on LGBT-related topics in sports."

The backlash to the brief report was perhaps best summed up by one of Sam's teammates. Veteran defensive end Chris Long tweeted out a response to the report on Tuesday that garnered thousands of retweets and favorites.

Dear ESPN,
Everyone but you is over it.
— Chris Long (@JOEL9ONE) August 26, 2014